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The Danish Sale of Goods Act
When you shop at Jema Autolifte A / S , you are always assured of a fair and effective commerce.

Jema Autolifte A / S provides 2 years warranty for private and 1 year warranty for business under the Sale of Goods Act covers manufacturing and material defects identified during its normal use. The warranty does not cover defects or damages directly or indirectly caused by misuse, poor maintenance, violence or tampering.

Payment for goods ordered can be made online using Visa , Visa Electron , MasterCard , MasterCard Debit and Eurocard . When paying by card is given to the debit card fees (Foreign Visa 2.95 % of the purchase amount shall be min. 1.95 DKK , Danish issued MasterCard : 1.50 % with min. 1.95 DKK , Foreign Mastercard : 2.95 % of the purchase amount , however, my . 1.95 DKK , VISA : 1,45 EUR + 0,10 % of the purchase amount). Payment for goods ordered can also be made ​​by bank transfer. By bank transfer buyer is not covered by the object schemes. Payment for the products will be in the dispatch from the supplier. The amount is debited only on the buyer's card when goods are shipped from the supplier. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what the buyer has approved the acquisition.

Delivery time:
Delivery time is usually 3-5 working days from order placement. Longer delivery times would occur during the holidays. Basically, all store items in stock. In rare cases, multiple simultaneous orders of the same product, however, could result we cannot meet all orders until we have the product in stock again . In the event, please contact the customer immediately and informed about the possible longer delivery time.

You always have 14 day return policy on items purchased from Jema Autolifte 's website. The right of return calculated from the day the goods are received. If you regret a purchase, simply return the item in the same condition as you received it . You can also return the item by personal delivery to us. Once we have received the product and approved its return we will refund the product price to your account within a few days. Freight and Shipping is not refundable.
Return of goods at the buyer's risk and expense.
Special Ordered items are not returnable.

All prices are ex. VAT unless otherwise stated. Otherwise, the prices both excl. and incl. VAT.
All web-shop sales will be done with Jema Autolifte A/S in Denmark. If the buyer is a company with VAT number will there not be VAT on the invoice. But if it is a private buyer the amount will be added 25% Danish VAT

Privacy Policy
Our cookies only collect information that can be used for statistical purposes ( To see how many visitors you) . All data entered are only used to deliver to you, and we will only contact you if something goes wrong. None of the information will be given to any third partners.

Subject to printing errors, price changes, product changes and other circumstances that are out of Jema Autolifte A / S control.

By "error" or "other weird things" , we will be happy to hear from you at

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