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Jema Autolifte we are here to surprise!
With that business philosophy did we open the Danish-owned Jema Autolifte A/S Denmark in 2007. Jema Autolifte is a family owned company who has been developing the business within the auto lift garage equipment business from selling only in Denmark to distribute our products on weekly basis to 11 different countries.

Jema Autolifte is a fast growing innovative auto lift equipment company, which design and develop our own product line. Jema Autolifte will produce around 2000 units in 2018, and therefore are we looking to find new distributors to our network!

Since day one have Jema Autolifte been pleasantly surprised by our distributors and customers with good quality, high innovative solution products.

The business plan has always been ready!
Jema Autolifte offer two product lines, a basic line characterized by "value for money" reserved for small workshops and an European produced Euro line for the larger garages and not least discerning user. With a constant focus on continuous quality improvement, development, design changes, we will deliver a quality product which costs about among the lowest in the world. Regardless of which of the lines selected are Jema Autolifte's goal that we will deliver the best value for money.

The goal of Jema Autolifte for 2018 is to have at least 15 distributors worldwide, are you the one who wants to be part of a success?

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Jema Autolifte A/S – Denmark
Industrihegnet 2, 4030 Tune, Denmark
Tel. (+45) 48180300

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Jema Autolifte A/S
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