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It starts with an idea
All employees such as business manager, product developers and engineers are higly trained and skilled to carry out the production of our Jema Autolifte products. Jema Autolifte has it´s own develop department, it is here all ideas starts and our highly skilled engineers transform ideas to reality.

From getting the idea to end up with a finish product, we have a long process where all demands from regulations, consumers and Jema Autolifte quality program will go though every single process needed to produce safe and high quality product.

Jema Autolifte subsuppliers
Jema Autolifte has for a long period of time, worked to find the best and most proven quality suppliers of components for all our products.

Jema Autolifte has prepared a supplier system to ensure that we always do our outmost to eliminate any failures or problems that may occur when using a subcontractor on the European and Asian market.

Component certifications
All componenter is certified according to European standards and is pre-tested with our purchase of various supplier.

Production check
Jema Autolifte see it as our finest job to make sure our distributors and consumers receive the perfect product, therefore are all Auto Lifts 100% assembled and tested before they are packaged and sent to our distributors around the world. Through our cooperation with TÜV have we created an organization work plan to ensure a minimum of error could come through our organsitation and on to the consumer.

This means that our products will be able to compete with the larger established brands in the market and that the consumer get a perfect and reliable product. Jema Autolifte are aware that security, ease use and reliablility are the 3 most important factors for that the consumer also selects Jema Autolifte next time they need auto lifts.

Safety development
Jema Autolifte has developed a service system to make sure that when the auto lift need service, the lift automatically inform that the user should contact Jema Autolifte to carry out the necessary service to make sure the lift will ready for use again. This has been developed to make sure the consumers can be confortable knowing that the lift always is working according to the regulation and that no one compromize the safety.

Jema Autolifte sees it as out finest assignment not only selling auto lifts, but to give the consumers a helping device and safety to carry out the work done in the garages around the world.

Danish Design - German approval - Sold worldwide!

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